Corporate Accountability

State studies reveal the true extent of toxics

Corporations have huge power to influence chemicals in products sold on store shelves and used in manufacturing processes. Safer States and our partners work with the biggest companies in America to convince them to adopt sustainable chemical policies. Additionally, we aim to hold the worst actors accountable for their pollution and chemical releases. Read more about the PFAS crisis and how taxpayers are bearing the burden at our Nonstick Nightmare website.

Led by the Mind the Store Campaign, Safer States provides the on-the-ground grassroots organizing that convinces major corporate retailers such as Costco, Target, and Wal-Mart to develop sustainable chemical policies. Through Restricted Substances Lists at both the manufacturing and retail level, companies can eliminate chemicals from all parts of a product’s life cycle.

Often, when major retailers stop selling products, they sell them to dollar stores, pushing the health burden on to low-income communities. Safer States partners with the Campaign for Healthier Solutions to advocate for the removal of toxic products from discount and dollar store shelves. We also partner with Breast Cancer Prevention PartnersCampaign for Safe Cosmetics to demand safer personal care products from industry and lawmakers.

Recent victories include several home improvement stores including Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, and Lowe's committing to ban deadly paint stripper chemicals, and Costco and Walmart announcing new safer chemicals policies.