Chemical and Ingredient Disclosure

No one wants toxic chemicals in the products they use or bring into their homes. Laws mandating disclosure of chemical ingredients in products helps steer companies and consumers towards non-toxic options.

One of the reasons toxic chemicals remain on store shelves is because consumers don't know they're there. States are passing policies that require companies let us know when dangerous chemicals are in their products and when these dirty secrets are brought out into the light, the market responds.

Washington state began requiring disclosure on 66 toxic chemicals in children’s products. In the wake of this, retailers from Target to WalMart decided to screen their products for chemicals on this list and develop policies to reduce and eliminate these chemicals. Time after time — disclosure policy leads to big change.

California required cosmetics manufacturers to report information on harmful chemicals to the state revealing the use of lead, mercury and phthalates in many products. Most manufacturers indicated that they reformulated out of the use of these products rather than report their use.