Federal Engagement

By modeling legislation and providing strategic and technical assistance on federal policy, Safer States creates national protections against toxic chemicals.

One of Safer States’ earliest projects was to reform the outdated Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), which we accomplished in 2015. While we have branched out into robust administrative, market, and state policy campaigns, we have never lost sight of the importance of protective chemical policy at the federal level. Safer States brings our formidable team of activists and experts to influence federal policy.

By promoting and passing policy at the state level, we provide model legislation and data to the federal legislature, which paves the way for national reform. Additionally, we are able to bring the voices of state and local groups to Washington D.C. to ensure that the communities who are most impacted by toxic chemicals are heard and considered. These powerful narratives help policymakers look beyond economics and politics and understand the true cost of lax regulations. Finally, we vigilantly monitor federal policy to ensure that state level protective policies are not preempted by poorly written or malicious federal legislation.